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The United States is experiencing an unprecedented alcohol and drug addiction epidemic going by the numbers from the US Center for Disease Control, which shows that over 500,000 Americans have lost their lives to drug overdoses and 91 people die daily due to opioid overdose between the years 2000 and 2015. A solution to this shocking trend cannot be based on a one-size-fits-all approach.


The answer to the problem of addiction lies in the needs of those affected by dependency on drugs or alcohol and their loved ones. Choosing the right drug rehab facility can be challenging. Here are five major attributes of River View Recovery drug rehab centers you should know about when looking for a comfortable and reliable addiction recovery center suitable for you or your loved one.


One-on-one sessions

Our drug rehab center in Fishers, Indiana is an environment that helps clients treat an addiction that has been manifesting itself for years. It’s a standard practice for every River View Recovery drug addiction treatment facility to have one-on-one sessions. Drugs are not just a problem but a symptom, and thus solving the real problem is by addressing the issues that led to the substance abuse in the first place.


Some clients might not even know why they are abusing drugs. Therefore, personal sessions can help an individual uncover and solve hidden problems such as depression and PTSD. The trained therapists and clinicians at our addiction recovery facility in Fishers helps clients uncover the deep-seated issues that drive them into drug addiction in personalized rehab sessions.


Vocational support

What happens after the rehabilitation matters on whether the person will relapse or quit drugs completely. People who leave the addiction treatment center and go back to their lives are more likely to relapse, especially if boredom is one of the reasons they got addicted in the first place. However, people who complete the rehab and resume their old jobs have a higher rate of success. Work and the responsibilities that come with rehab commitments can help an individual stay sober.


A success rate above 65%

Our established substance abuse treatment facility in Fishers tracks our success rate. Although it may be difficult to follow up with a client months or years after the addiction treatment, our Fishers drug detox clinic has set organizational systems for creating long-term relationships with clients is a good choice. Our Fishers addiction treatment center keeps track of its alumni and has a higher success rate than one that doesn’t. You should choose a drug rehab facility with a success rate of more 65% percent unless it also caters for veterans with PTSD where the success rate is expected to be lower.


A family program

Our drug rehab center in Fishers deems it essential to incorporate family into the program, particularly when the client is comfortable with that arrangement. If the addiction recovery facility is not a standalone detox facility, then it should also focus on the connection as part of achieving long-term sobriety. The most logical place to start building connection and bonding is family members and close friends who can support the client in becoming sober.


Exercise and amenities

Exercise and nutrition are integral in an addiction recovery program. Exercising is a neurogenic activity that will help your brain to grow new cells and repair itself. You should also ask about the available amenities and judge whether you’ll be comfortable during your stay at the facility. Being in a comfortable surrounding is also part and parcel of our Fishers addiction recovery program.


Addiction recovery is a lifelong endeavor that can be set in motion once you come to our addiction treatment facility in Fishers, Indiana that fits your budget and needs. The rehab program will help you swap old habits doing drugs with retraining your body and mind to embrace new ideas.