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A Specialized Drug Detox Clinic from River View Recovery

Welcome to River View Recovery addiction center. We deal with alcohol, drug, and other substance abuse. Our team of addiction recovery professionals provides you the latest holistic, and effective ways to end your life on drugs and begin your new life. Out of our many years of experience in confidential counseling and detox programs, we have what it takes to help you start living a sober life again.


Our detox clinic team comprises welcoming and dedicated staff whose experience in assisting people of diverse cultural backgrounds overcome addiction is unequaled. We understand that alcohol and substance abuse can hurt families, careers, marriages, and your education, which is the reason our caring staff commits to guiding our clients through the recovery journey with love and in a comfortable environment.


Why choose our Addiction Recovery Program


Our drug rehab facility in Santa Rosa, California focuses on a holistic approach and the skills that the client needs to stop abusing alcohol and drugs. First, we help you to understand the hidden factors leading you to addiction. Our drug detox clinic in Santa Rosa does not look at you as business, but a person with whom we can make a difference in their life. We base our services on the passion we have for the wellbeing of clients.


Our Unique Addiction Treatment Facility


We have private sessions providing a wide range of recovery services to help our clients speak openly about the impact of drugs and alcohol. The people who suffer alcohol and other drugs can benefit from our residential rehabilitation programs that include support, counseling, and aftercare. For the people who desire to reclaim their lives, our addiction recovery center in Santa Rosa offers the following services:


  • Mental health recovery treatment


  • Specialized, private one-on-one counseling


  • Alcohol and drugs support groups


  • Supervised detox and coordination programs


  • Aftercare and follow-up programs


Addiction Treatment Center Offering Comprehensive Treatment


As the leaders in addiction recovery services in River View Recovery, our drug detox clinic provides our clients an all-inclusive addiction and behavioral treatment. You can benefit from our innovative techniques to facilitate addiction recovery. Our addiction treatment center in Santa Rosa employs addiction healing specialists whose knowledge of treating complex addictions is exemplary. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Santa Rosa also does our best to prevent re-occurring addiction issues.


Experts in Dual Diagnosis and Mental Illnesses Treatment


Substance abuse, alcohol misuse, and mental illness can occur at the same time. When the twin issues of mental disease and addiction affecting our clients, we call the scenario a dual diagnosis. The client is most likely using alcohol or drugs as the self-medication for the psychological and emotional disorders. The Journal of the American Medical Association estimates that 37% of the people who abuse alcohol 53% of the drug-dependent population have mental illnesses. Further, 29% of the population using both alcohol and drugs are mentally ill.


The Path to Addiction and Mental Illness Recovery


Our drug rehab center in Santa Rosa can successfully guide you through dual diagnosis treatment. Clients achieve behavioral rehabilitation and lifetime sobriety. We will help to address depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias to treat the psychiatric problems leading to drug dependency.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center


Our addiction recovery program in Santa Rosa has the framework to give the deserved attention to compulsive and addictive behavior. In an environment that allows for private counseling, we can address the reasons that make our clients crave alcohol and drugs. If you would like the place with a multidisciplinary treatment method, fast healing rate, and the skilled assessment of addiction cases, come to our addiction recovery facility. You will find licensed psychiatric and addiction counselors willing to educate and support you as you seek a drug-free, happy, and sober life.