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When someone you love is struggling with a drug addiction, River View Recovery drug rehab centers are often the first thought that crosses your mind. However, it is very important to choose the right substance abuse treatment facility for your loved one. Our drug rehab center in San Diego is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons.


First of all, one of the things that sets our drug rehab facility apart is that we always ensure a safe, supervised detox from the substance that the person is using. In fact, we make that our first step because it is also the first step in true addiction recovery.


Detoxing from a substance can be dangerous and uncomfortable, and we strive to make the process as painless and comfortable as possible. We also keep our clients fully safe during the detox process and maintain a professional staff to ensure the safety of the client.


Another thing that sets our addiction recovery center in San Diego apart is the fact that we do not just focus on treating the substance abuse itself. We, instead, focus on dual diagnosis, which means determining any underlying causes, such as mental illness or childhood trauma. We believe that treating the whole person–the mind, body, and soul–is the best way to achieve a full and lasting recovery.


Our addiction recovery facility in San Diego is also safe and secure in every possible way. It is kept clean and comfortable to help clients feel secure and welcome. We also have professionals on staff to treat any health conditions or other issues that may develop.


At our San Diego addiction treatment center, we believe clients should help one another for everyone’s benefit. Thus, we foster supportive, caring groups among the clients and utilize group therapies to help them learn and grow together. This forms a wonderful network of support for our clients. They feel supported not just by the staff but also by fellow clients working their way through the recovery process.


When at the San Diego addiction treatment facility, clients are encouraged to speak openly and honestly, knowing they are in a safe, judgment-free environment. This allows them to open up in these sessions and to really get to the heart of their addiction, which, in turn, breeds true healing and the ability to cope with life to aid the client once he or she has left the addiction recovery program.


After coming to our drug detox clinic in San Diego, clients are instantly made to feel welcome, safe, and at home. They will enjoy therapy sessions, both individually and in groups, in order to help them get well and reach their fullest potential. Each and every client is treated as an individual and is given a treatment plan that is unique to the client and designed to get to the heart of his or her addiction issues.


Once a client has successfully completed the program, he or she is provided with an aftercare plan as well to ensure that recovery is smooth and that the transition into daily life goes well. Clients are given all the tools and resources that they need to have success and live a life free of addiction.


If you feel that our addiction recovery facility in San Diego, California could be a good fit for your loved one, we invite you to contact us for more information. Someone will be glad to talk with you about the treatment options we offer and how we can help you or your loved one get on the path to a better, happier life free from substance abuse.